The prison experience of a general prisoner and a VIP is never practically identical. Ward Number 9 in which he (Raja) was staying was the extremely same one that Indira Gandhi was likewise kept in 1978. There were just five cells in that ward and a different kitchen to take into account them. Every cell had two rooms, one parlor and one room. The room had a joined restroom with shower, washbasin and a mirror. Alternate tenants of this extravagant setting included Subrata Roy or Saharasri and a previous pastor from Haryana, Gopal Kanda. Obviously, Subrata Roy additionally invested a portion of the energy in a unique prison which was the old court complex of Tihar. The complex had been changed over into meeting rooms and gathering spaces for Roy and his partners to direct their business, and that was with the authorization of the Supreme Court. Obviously, the way that these meeting and gathering rooms were aerated and cooled and had a phone association and web offices, brought on a ton of indigestion among the various prominent prisoners. 


Raja might not have had the court-endorsed burrows that Saharasri delighted in, however he too had the whole correctional facility staff available to his no matter what. The main extravagance they couldn't have was an aeration and cooling system in their cells, however as Raja was a high-security detainee, he could spend his day in the correctional facility director's office which was ventilated. At any rate, their cells were conscious of the advantage of a cooler. As per their security evaluation, the 1.76 lakh crore tag implied that some normal criminal could assault him in prison, thus in the event that he expected to circumvent imprison, he required security. So they favored him sitting in the director's office. In the event that others were woken up at 5 a.m. furthermore, were served breakfast at 6.30 a.m., Raja had a prison methodical asking what they could get him from the flask. 


'Just non-veggie lover sustenance wasn't permitted, yet the nourishment was delectable and we likewise had desserts and nariyal paani (coconut water)… from the container. Consistently, somebody would come and ask: "Sir, what might you like today?"'